Account Opening

Call us now to open an account or fill in the appropriate account opening agreements (Cash/Margin, Securities/Futures) and forms and mail it to us with an enclosed personal cheque:

  •  the sum not less than HK$10,000.00 made payable to Funderstone Securities Limited

Your cheque should be issued by a Hong Kong licensed bank bearing your name identical to your identity documents and your signature identical to the signature shown on the Forms and Signature Card.

Cheque will be credited to your trading account, which will be activated after clearing.

* For corporate account, please provide the following supporting documents:-
a. Board minutes approving opening of account and authorized persons;
b. Certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation;
c. Certified copy of valid Business Registration;
d. Certified copy of Memorandum & Articles of Associations;
e. Certified copies of HKID or passport of directors and the authorized persons;
f. Certificate Certified copy of the latest audited financial report;
g. Certified true copy of a company search report certified by a company registry (or similar for company incorporated overseas) or professional third party (certified true copy of a certificate of incumbency), which the report should have been issued within the last 6 months;
h. Certified copies of HKID or passport of all shareholders holding 10% or more of the voting rights or share capital.

Confirmation call will be made by Funderstone’s staff within a week. After opening the account, cash account holder(s) can place orders by phone after depositing enough cash, and futures & options account holder(s) can place orders by phone after depositing enough margin.

For those who open Internet trading account can trade via the internet trading platform after receiving the login and confirmation password.


If you have any enquiries, please call us now @ 2845 7711.

 Forms and Agreements

Procedures to Open a Securities Trading Account with FUNDERSTONE

 A single brokerage account with FUNDERSTONE allows you to trade Hong Kong, United States, China B Shares, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and other major stock markets in the world.

      1.    Read carefully the Client Agreement, Explanation of Risks Associated with Derivative Products.

      2.    Complete the relevant sections of the Account Opening Form.

3.    To open either (i) a Securities Margin Account or (ii) a Stock Options Account and Securities Margin Account, please complete the Standing Authority - Client Securities and Securities Collateral.

      4.    Obtain copies of the following supporting documents:
            i. Individual/ Joint Account
                   o   ID card(s) or passport(s) of all account holders; and
                   o Proof of home address such as a recent utility bill or credit card statement with your name and address.
                   o Copy of a bank account statement within the last 3 months if your designated bank account is outside of Hong Kong

            ii. Corporate Account
                  o Certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (or Business Registration Certificate or other evidence of due incorporation), Memorandum and Articles of  Association (or other constitutional documents) of the Client;

        o Certified copies of the audited accounts of the Client for the last two years and a balance sheet at a date not more than two months before the date of the  Account Opening Form, or such other financial information as FUNDERSTONE may from time to time agree to accept;

       o Details of the ownership and structure of the company (e.g. an ownership chart for companies with multiple layers, which should include company name, place of incorporation, shareholdings and nature of business with director's declaration);

                  o If shareholder of the company is a corporate shareholder, organization chart and register of shareholder of such corporate shareholder until it reaches individual(s) level.
       o A certified true copy of a company search certified by a company registry or professional third party^ issued within the last 6 months (If client cannot provide a certified true copy of Company Search Report, FUNDERSTONE will perform a company search on behalf of the client and the client will be charged for a company search fee* of HKD200.);
       o A certificate of incumbency** or equivalent issued by the company's registered agent in the place of incorporation. A certified true copy certified by a professional third party^ issued within 6 months is also acceptable; and

                  o Proof of identity such as Hong Kong ID card(s) or passport(s) of all Authorised Persons, Beneficial Owner and Directors.


^A Justice of Peace, or a professional person such as a branch manager of a bank, certified public accountant, lawyer or notary public.
*For corporate client incorporated or registered in HK.
**corporate client incorporated or registered overseas.

      5.    Submit the Account Opening Form and supporting documents to us. You may:

                 o   Bring the Account Opening Form, complete the relevant sections of the Client Agreement and copies of all supporting documents for certification (signing and  sighting) by a professional third party^. Send the certified Account Opening Form and copies of all supporting documents and a cheque of HKD 10,000# bearing your signature(s) and with your account name(s) pre-printed on it, made payable to Funderstone Securities Limited:


Funderstone Securities Limited
Room 1802,
Capital Centre,
No. 151 Gloucester Road,
Hong Kong

# the signature on the cheque issued and the signature on the Account Opening Form must be the same, the new account will not be activated until the cheque is cleared.



                  o   Bring the Account Opening Form and copies of all supporting documents to one of FUNDERSTONE's offices in Hong Kong for certification (signing and sighting) by a FUNDERSTONE employee.


Once your application is reviewed and approved, an account number and login user name will be assigned to you. After a few days, you will receive a separate mail containing your e-Trade Login Password for accessing FUNDERSTONE e-Trade.




It will normally take three business days (HKT) to process an account opening application and you may not be able to trade immediately unless sufficient funds or stocks are deposited into your trading account.